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    After graduating in 1996 from Liceo Artistico Umberto Preziotti - Osvaldo Licini, giuned his studies on Graphic and Motion Design and Visual Communication.


    His approach to the Visual Arts gives him the opportunity to work for a year alongside Corrado Virgili, his mentor and pioneer in Italian 3D Computer Graphics (later professionist in Kinder Ferrero, Rainbow and RAI TV) that promotes him chief of communication projects at Prima Solutions.


    In 2007 Mirko meets Bruno Montani, a professional excellence in Marketing and Communication, who instructs him and successfully assigns him the management of high profile projects for Clients such as Metamarine.


    Mirko is later named as Director of Visual Communications at CSProgetti S.r.l. and has the opportunity to express his strategic expertise and execution in a challenging task of "re-organization of the visible" bringing the Company to the maximum potential in terms of marketing, brand management and communications strategies. " So I lived  many years of professional experience and training accessible only to a fortunate few of professionist. I felt like Peter Behrens at AEG in the early '900".


    Mirko currently partners full time for his Clients, studying and implementing strategies and tactics for the brand positioning. His professional experiences have given him the know-how in strategic consulting requested by any highly demanding market.

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